Monday, May 1, 2017

October 6, 2016 {Happy 60th Birthday Grandpa!}

My dad turned 60 this year! Hayes was so excited to take him a treat and balloons to him at work. We were also dying laughing when we showed up to celebrate and Dad and Hayes were twinning. As you can see from the first picture, Hayes loved every second of it. 

When I think about my Dad and the many things I love about him some of the first things that come to mind is his loyalty, that many is fiercely loyal. He has the most giving heart, at times to a fault. He will literally do anything and everything he can to help someone else. My dad is the best and we are so glad he was born! Happiest 60th Dad! We love you. 

October 2, 2016 {Cabin for Conference Weekend}

Every year for October General Conference we head to the cabin. It's something that everyone has started to really look forward to, especially Gator. This year the leaves were SO INCREDIBLE! 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

October, 2016 {The Marathon!!}

This year's marathon was really special for me, not only was it my 10th marathon (overall, not just STG), but this year I got to help push Justin Tuft. I only helped for about the first 8 miles (I only pushed 2 miles though), but it was amazing nonetheless. He had such an amazing attitude and it was so cool to be apart of something so meaningful. I feel like I worked really hard to get ready for this year's race, and I was grateful I was ready enough to help with pushing him. It makes me feel so exhausted to think about all the time and energy it took to get ready for, and actually run this race, but is it weird I want to do it again?? Running addiction at its finest! 

September 28, 2016 {Mom and Hayes Date Night}

After all the packing up and moving things out of house, Hayes and I decided we needed a date night out. We went and got kids meals from Wendy's and took them to the park on the top of Main Street. The ducks got a little bit aggressive when they saw we had food. Hayes FREAKED out and screamed and made me carry him all the way back to the car because "those ducks really scared" him. hahaha 

Then we headed to Baskin Robbins for ice cream and Hayes was in HEAVEN! I love having this time with him and hopefully creating fun traditions for the future! 

September 2016 {Master Scooter Rider}

Our Hayesie Boy finally decided that scootering was a cool thing. He hoped on his scooter and hasn't looked back since. It was amazing to watch him pick it up and just do it. We met my mom for lunch and scootered around the temple. When Hayes scooters, he looks just like Sam... So much confidence! 

Monday, April 24, 2017

June, 2016 {The Temple}

We went to the temple this evening and walked around and played on the grounds. Hayes was so sweet and walked up to the fountain, sat down, folded his arms and said "In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." It was so sweet how he knew that this place was different. 

A fun highlight was seeing Hayes's nursery teacher, Sister Hooker at the temple. She cleans the temple in the evenings and gave Hayes a ride in her golf cart. He was in HEAVEN! We love sweet teachers that care so much about our Hayesie Boy! 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Cool Glasses June 2016

Mom! Look at my cool glasses! 

A date with my boy June 2016

On my days off I try to soak up every last second of this crazy sweet boy. Hayes had been sick for a couple of days before and we decided we needed to get out of the house and have some fun- so I took him on a date. First we went to the Children's Museum and played our hearts out- the we headed over to Judds for breadsticks and ice cream. It was just what the doctor ordered and we both loved it! I need to remember and do more dates with this sweet boy of mine- he's a pretty great date if I do say so myself. :) 

Stadiums June 2016

I've been running stadiums once a week with Magalle and/or Ash trying to get ready for the marathon. I feel like stadiums make such a big difference in my marathon and my ability to tackle the rolling hills. This time, Hayes decided to join us and absolutely killed it! He did two stadiums and three laps around the track. He would have kept going but I made him stop, that kid is an athlete! It was fun to do this with him, and to see how much he enjoyed it! Side note- He slept like a baby that night- maybe I'm on to something! 

Our LOT #77 06.2016

We have talked forever about buying a lot and building a house out in Dixie Springs, well, this is it! We picked the lot we liked and decided we needed to get serious about moving forward with our plans. We are excited at the thought of living out by the lake and enjoying that lifestyle. I'm thrilled to help design our own house and we can't wait to get this process started. 

Lake Day May 2016

We decided the weather was getting warm enough that we should head out to the lake. Gator was in HEAVEN jumping through the water and rolling around on the sand. Hayes loved throwing sticks and rocks into the water for Gator to chase. Since it was early in the season we didn't get swimmer's itch and the beach was completely empty, we loved it! 

Grandpa June 2016

These kids sure love their Grandpa Mike! 


Quilting with Grandma Cardon May 2016

For my 30 before 30 list I decided I needed to make a quilt. I sewed a couple of quilt tops but never got the whole thing completed on them. Ash had made me a quilt for my 18th birthday and I wanted to return the favor, so with the help of my sweet grandma, we got this one tied and ready to be bound for Ash's birthday. I spent the next several days binding it and luckily finished it in time. It was so fun to give her something I worked so hard on and that I created so many good memories with my grandma over. This was such a great thing to accomplish and one that I will look back on for a long time and cherish. 

Potty Time 04.2016

We attempted to start potty training Hayes. He did really good and seemed excited until he realized that he had to actually go potty in the potty. He sat on his little potty for what seemed like ever, finally went pee, then wanted nothing to do with it after that. He did love being naked and being able to wash his hands in the sink- but I think we've got our work cut out for us with this one. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Being a mama

Even though on Mother's Day we celebrate our moms, I always feel like celebrating the boy who made me a mom. I feel indebted to him and my Heavenly Father for entrusting him to me and for letting me be his mama. There truly is no greater calling or role in life. I'm grateful for mothers everywhere and for the many beautiful women, mothers or not, that have influenced my life. Where would be without mamas, am I right? And a special shout out to the boy who made me a mom, I love you forever Hayesie boy and being your mama is the by far the best thing that has ever happened to me. Yay for Mom! 

Walking/ Running with my Hayesie boy

I have literally walked/run with boy since the day he was born. I am so happy it's something he still enjoys doing with me, and honestly, I hope he will always still want to go for a walk with me. This time with him is something I will always cherish. I'm convinced our walks have made him smarter and us closer. I love this little guy and our walks more than I can say! 

Billy Joel 04.30.16

We were SO excited when we saw that Billy Joel was going back on tour and that he was coming to Vegas. We were even more excited when my dad said he wanted to go too! The show was absolutely amazing and we had so much fun! I also got Dad to take his first selfie! :) 

Cotton Days 04.30.16

When I was a little kid I remember Cotton Days was such a fun thing I always looked forward to going to and participating in. This year we took Hayes down and he loved it too! It was a lot different than I remember, but it was still so fun to go and show Sam and Hayes something that I always loved as a kid. I only took this one lonely photo, but at least it's a good one :)